How to Make a Leather Label?

Aug. 13, 2021

Leather labels are mainly sewn on the back waist of jeans, and of course are also widely used on luggage, handbags, shoes and hats. There are various materials for leather labels, including genuine leather, imitation leather, microfiber leather, canvas, horse hair, PVC, TPU, etc. It can be expressed by assigning LOGO or Garment Accessories Supplierdesignated patterns on different materials.

Leather Label

Leather Label

Leather label production

The production of leather labels generally includes hot pressing (high temperature regular ironing), hot pressing, voltage (high frequency), silk screen, laser, sewing, embroidery, hardware... etc. It mainly depends on the designer’s design content, which is reflected in the designer’s ideas. The subject to be expressed. Different themes, different materials, naturally need different crafts to reflect. So there is a lot of attention to it.

The seemingly simple leather label design is sometimes not so simple to make. And there is a lot of exquisiteness in it. Must have a wealth of actual production experience to reflect subtle differences and ideal results. The same material with different masters will get different results. The production process cannot be defined simply and easily.

Different industries have different exquisites. The products of any industry cannot be underestimated. Each product has its own unique charm. Therefore, leather labels are no exception. Each design and manufacturing process is unique and irreplaceable. Our company also has Leather Label on sale, welcome to contact us.


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