The Advantages of PVC Patches

Aug. 31, 2021

The PVC patch is a modern alternative to the more common embroidery patch. But it can show the look and feel that embroidery cannot achieve. PVC is made of durable plastic and is available in a variety of colors. Do you know the advantages of the PVC patches?

PVC Badge

PVC/Rubber Badge

Withstand Any Type of Environment

PVC patch is the best choice for outdoor activities because it is waterproof and wear-resistant. When you are outdoors, you may encounter bad weather. Compared with embroidered patches, our PVC patches will not be completely affected even if it rains or snows heavily. At the same time, when we are doing outdoor sports, such as camping, mountaineering, etc., the wear of the embroidery patch may be greater, but for the PVC patch, it will not have any effect because it is wear-resistant.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The PVC patch also has the advantage of being easy to clean. If it's dirty, you don't need to clean it, just wipe it with a towel, which saves the trouble of hand washing or machine washing, and keeps your patch fresh. And it is very resistant to dirt. In addition, the PVC patch is not easy to fade and requires almost no maintenance. You can use it with confidence anytime, anywhere. It also gives people a soft and powerful feeling, and gives people a sense of security.

Good Appearance

PVC patches are soft, it can be molded into any color and shape.

This type of plastic is very malleable, allowing us to achieve a high level of detail, including text and thin lines on the patch. Dynamic 2D finishes also help increase the visibility of details, making your design more eye-catching and eye-catching. Another determines the characteristic —3D of PVC patches, which is different from other patches. 3D is a process about the sense of hierarchy of your vision and the sense of touch of your hands. Because of its sense of hierarchy, you can have multiple options about, If your design has small or complicated details, a gradient or other detail color, we can print to any layer of your PVC patches. 3D means that patches will look more vivid and intuitive, and will feel the richness of its content intuitively.

Endless Choices

In terms of design, PVC is by far the most versatile choice. PVC patches can realize any branding design and ideas. It never limits in easy rubber. Through modified the mold process and used new material innovatively, PVC patches can make vivid details, which bring new look.


PVC patches have a longer lifespan because they are made of some type of plastic and will not wear, fade, crack or peel. The PVC patch is made of high-quality plastic, so the product is durable and can withstand any environment or temperature. You will be surprised how the PVC patch can last so long while maintaining its beautiful shape and color.

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