The Development of Patches on Clothes

Sep. 14, 2021

As a patches supplier, I will share it with you.

The outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 not only wreaked havoc, but also forced a transformation in people's daily lives. Material constraints forced designers and women to make the best use of available resources, which led to the creation of new designs.


Sequin Patch

Sequin Patch

Silk, once used for long dresses, was used for parachutes, and elaborate designs and excessive decoration were difficult to achieve. The British government advised the public: "When you feel you have grown tired of your old clothes, mend them, it means you may save the country a part of an airplane, a gun or even a tank. Thus, "tinkering" became a clothing idea.


Women began knitting or recycling old clothes, sewing ribbons onto old skirts and using the supplied fabrics to make coats and other clothes; Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo used cork, gum wood and palm leaf fibers to make heels; charcoal pencils made of petroleum jelly, cocoa powder and charcoal became cosmetics; many women used brown pens to draw thin lines on their legs to create the effect of wearing stockings; and instead of wearing traditional suits, people began to mix and match.


After the war, the "tinkering" did not stop, and in the late 1960s and early 1970s, some "hippies" began to promote hand-woven clothing, using rags and beads to decorate jeans and jackets, which became the trend of the time. The trend of the time. At the same time, the "punks" used chains to create personalized leather jackets, and pins to make jewelry. By the 1990s, recycling had become a mainstream fashion. Today, "tinkering" is still a source of inspiration for fashion designers, but the reason for this is no longer a shortage of materials.



Patch elements have long appeared on all kinds of items, jackets and pants have been put on the bright "patch", these "patch" unexpectedly favored by the major designers.


Instead of buying new clothes, fall back in love with the ones you already own. Those clothes that are your favorites even if they are no longer perfect: a pair of jeans that are damaged but so soft or a dress that your grandmother wore and gave you. A rip shouldn't stop you from wearing them! Instead of throwing them away, extend their life by mending them. For example, in a creative way that asserts your style! Plus the fact that each garment that is repaired with a patch is unique makes this fashion practice even more desirable.

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